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Asmund Ákison
Name Asmund Ákison
Titles Crown Prince of Kalmar
Race Elf
Home Country Kalmar
Gender Male
Birthdate November 2
Age 21
Height 188cm (6'2'')
Weight 86kg (190 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Kalmarian Royal Family (Ákison Family)
Patron Áki
Occupation Crown Prince of Kalmar
Personal Status
Base of Operations Kalmarian Palace
Status Active
Family Andor (Father)
Class Cleric
Magic Elemental Magic
Storm Magic
Equipment Ring of Shooting Stars

Asmund Ákison is an elf from the kingdom of Kalmar, one of the strongest and wealthiest nations in the world, and by far the greatest kingdom of elves. As the eldest child of the royal family, Asmund is further the crown prince of Kalmar, as well as its strongest warrior. A theocratic system holds the kingdom, as the royalty acts as the priest and envoy of their god Áki, lord of storms and magic to name a few, and as such Asmund himself is highly connected to his god. As the crown prince, Asmund is being prepared to host the god as well.


Asmund is seen standing upright and proudly, holding air about him befitting of his royal blood. Asmund has what appears to be a constant smirk, a sign of his confidence, hubris, and his high view of himself. Asmund possesses a fair complexion, without a blemish on his pale skin. He has a narrow nose, and long, pointed ears, even by elven standard. Asmund himself has long, flowing blonde hair that he keeps untied. Asmund's eyes are as green as a meadow, seemingly holding the power of nature itself in it.



Racial TraitsEdit

Physical StrengthEdit

Phantasmal TraitEdit


Elemental MagicEdit

  • Surtr:
  • Jörð:
  • Blixt:

Storm MagicEdit

  • Veðr:
  • Freyr:
  • Róta:
  • Kára:
  • Thor:
  • Ákihrið:
  • Ginnungagap:


  • Asmund is Norse for "divine protection".
  • Many of Asmund's spell names come from the names of Norse mythological beings.