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Kalmar is a kingdom of elves. Kalmar is said to be the greatest elven kingdom, and one of the richest nations in the world. The rule is theocratic, as the king acts as the voice and envoy of the gods they worship. The capital city of Kalmar is known as Midgard. The royal family act as vessels for the god Áki, with the reigning king being the usual host until he is unable to. The royal famil is known as the Ákison family, as they claim to be descended from the god himself.


The Kalmarian elves were polythestic in their religion. The gods were said to dwell in Asgard. A civil war broke out among the gods however, eventually leading to a sole survivor, being Áki.




  • Áki: Áki is the former king of the gods in the Kalmarian pantheon and now sole Kalmarian god. He is the god of the heavens, storms, strength, earthquakes, fire, wind, and magic, with minor ties to being a war deity. He is also one of the few gods shared by all tribes of elves. He is said to have sprang from the primordial void itself, rather than be created, later said to have shaped the planet with his fellow gods. He is said to be the ancestor of the Kalmarian royal family and is said to mingle with his people at times. This has caused a few demigod children to appear within the kingdom, all of whom possessed great power. He is further said to wield a powerful trident that helps him conjure storms and earthquakes, though it is simply a manifestation of magic. Áki is the sole surviving God of the Kalmarian gods Civil War. The Kalmarian Royal family serve as his avatars on the earth as to mask his presence from foreign gods. Áki is based on Zeus, Poseidon, and Thor. His birth is somewhat based on the birth of Athena.


Many of the deceased gods have been forgotten in the modern Kalmarian culture in favor of a stronger, single belief in Áki.

  • Eir: Eir is the goddess of youth, health, medicine, and healing. She is also the younger sister of Fregga supposedly. Much like her sister, Eir is said to be very beautiful but appears far younger than her sister. It is said Eir could heal any ailment and even major diseases or wounds. Eir is noted to be one of the few unmarried goddesses in the Kalmarian pantheon, denying every marriage request with defense from her sister and brother-in-law to defend her position. She died during the war but as a healing deity is said to reincarnate into a female elf for all time.
  • Aponi: Aponi is the god of light, the sun, the moon, the stars, and other heavenly bodies. He is the son of Áki. Aponi is said to come to earth to guide the lost to a safe location if they are deemed good of heart, and to certain death if they are corrupt by nature. As such, he is highly associated with justice, and is called the god of justice in some churches. From him, the Kalmarians say that "light shall bring to light one's sins" and greatly respect the lord of light. His death marked the end of the Civil War as he began it in belief his father was corrupt, but Aponi was actually corrupted by demons of a foreign pantheon. Aponi's name comes from Apollo and Máni, and carries their roles of being the gods of the sun and the moon. Aponi is based on them, Helios, and star dieties.