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The capital of the Land of Spring and Autumn.

Land of Spring and Autumn, pronounced Chūnqiūguó (春秋国) in the native tongue of Beastkin, is a rather large country located on the most north eastern section of Alazar. The history of the Land of Spring and Autumn, perhaps one of the oldest civilizations, is completely surrounded by legend and folklore which vary as one travels across the country. It is a nation comprised primarily of Beastkin with a smaller minority of humans and other human-based species alongside undomesticated animals. The province has remained a worldly power due to their heavily isolationist policies and reluctance to allow external influence within its borders. However, the Land of Spring and Autumn is actually an Empire comprised of four minor states whose lords answer to a single Emperor. The Land of Spring and Autumn has participated in multiple wars against humans and elves alike, remaining successful in preserving their laissez-faire lifestyle.

The Land of Spring and Autumn is famous for producing cunning and skilled warriors that are widely sought out for bodyguards and mercenaries. Due to the country ranging over various terrains, scholars believe it impossible to properly document the physiology of Beastkin. They are thought to have been the product of a great magical calamity which resulted in the mutation of humans and animals, creating the two subspecies of Beastkin. Regardless of the background, the Land of Spring and Autumn is known for speaking their native tongue which is also comprised of different dialects within itself.


Thousands of years before the current timeline, a calamity struck the land that would soon become the Land of Spring and Autumn. This cataclysmic event, although surrounded by mystery, is often regarded as a catastrophic disruption which effected the mortals who occupied north eastern land of Alazar. There are millions of scriptures dedicated to both recording and attempting to unraveling the origins of the apocalyptic explosion. Regardless, scholars believe the magical energy triggered a genetic mutation among the fauna and humans who occupied the land; transforming them into fusions which border the line of wild and civil. Due to the extensive history pertaining to the origin, there are millions of scriptures written in an attempt to decipher history. However, it is often told that only the one who gathers every word written will have taken the first step to truly understanding the origin. Contrarily, Beastkin have developed a creation myth, involving their own pantheon, in an attempt of explaining the magical disruption that occurred.