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Scarlet Araevich
Name Scarlet Araevich
Titles Blood Knight Commander
Fallen Knight
Bloody Maiden
Race Human
Home Country Kingdom of Vasilia
Gender Female
Birthdate June 19
Age 30
Height 176cm
Weight 54kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Kingdom of Vasilia
Occupation Commander of the Blood Knights Brigade
Personal Status
Base of Operations Kingdom of Vasilia
Teams Blood Knights Brigade
Status Active
Class Red Knight
Magic Arcane Magic(Erebus Arts, Vasilios Arts)
Equipment Sangraive

"Bloody Maiden" Scarlet Araevich is the current Blood Knight Commander of the Blood Knights Brigade situated in the Kingdom of Vasilia and thus an extremely powerful woman who intends to fulfill her King's wishes to expand his empire, using any resources she deems necessary in her way. A woman who has abandoned the code of chivalry to serve her Kingdom, she uses any and all means required to move forward, even if it means the sacrifice of her people; for she is of the stern belief that she fights for a just cause. To this extent, many who know of her ill-repute would regard her as a Fallen Knight, a title appropriate given the sins placed upon her.

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